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Joe Ensley


About Pastor Joe

"true belief results in action"

Pastor Joe began work in full-time Christian ministry in 2019 as a youth pastor in the Pacific Northwest after working as a full-time Paramedic in South Carolina.  Since then he has led a church in Kansas and is the current pastor of New Beginnings Church in Myerstown, PA. His passions are the Gospel and Theology, which is why the name of his Youtube and Spotify channels is "Gospelogian". He has a wife and three children with whom he spends as much time as possible. His hobbies include playing chess and collecting tarantulas.  Pastor Joe holds a  Bachelor of Arts degree in Church Music from Bob Jones University, a Master of Arts degree in  Christian Counseling from Queens College of Theology, another Master of Arts degree in Ministry Service from Spurgeon College and he is currently pursuing a Doctorate of Ministry degree from Christian Leadership University. 

Ministry Director

Nat LeTowt

Nat Letowt is the indispensable Ministry Director for all things "Gospelogian"! As a pastor with experience in several different ministry settings, Nat provides accountability, support, and help to the social media ministry that flows from Gospelogian videos, TikToks, and podcasts. With the overwhelming amount of comments and feedback received, Nat brings stable and balanced pastoral support that helps Gospelogian be the best it can be. 


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